Funeral For Humanity

Infamia - Insidius

Insidius: Infamia - Death metal album
Insidius Funeral For Humanity

Funeral for Humanity

You do not understand
You are oblivious
You bereave the lands
Of its existential core

Short term vision for short term gain!

You wage wars over nothing
You wage wars over resources
You pollute the Gaia goddess
You induce your own downfall

Parading onwards, into total chaos
Aeons of existence do not matter
Humanity fails, history reset
And no one wonders about it all

Step by step
Act by act
You march to the crevasse
No remembrance
A funeral for humanity

Do you doom mankind eternally?
Do you care if there is something left?
Will our next generation exist?

Requiem aeternam dona eis?

After the final funeral rites
Arise we shall, emerge!
Like a phoenix from the fire and ash
Prevail from what is learned

Harry Maat

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