Infamia - Insidius

Insidius: Infamia - Death metal album
Insidius Lost


Lost, stumbling into eternal shiver
Brought to my knees, unwillingly
Out of bliss into dark void
Destroyed by my history

As the distant silence calls
Through the sound of my tears
The aching of my soul
Frozen and fragile, it screams
The aching of my soul

Step closer, almost there
On the threshold of the choice
So close to the end of this
The longing intensifies
The gaping abyss invites
Shattered illusions of now
Open wounds from the past
Cry out, deafening

No flicker of light
In this summoning void
Stare into my being
What do you see?
A once proud being
Ripped apart….
Torn…. from remembrance
Destined to fall in the end

With the dimming of the moon
The release is close
Slipping away from it all
Into eternal calmness
No more grace
No more bliss
No more will
No more strength
No more….
Don’t you dare…..

Harry Maat

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