Infamia - Insidius

Insidius: Infamia - Death metal album
Insidius Shadows


The decay of mankind has no boundaries
As we have fallen far from grace
Corruption and the decline of morality

Shadows of afflation
Silent heavens
The void immense blessing creation
While it animates the nothingness
And with it`s first breath it is granting you karma

Carnage on a global scale
Humanity in full humiliation

And we are in darkness and shadows
Poisoned in our cursed lands
We suffocate in the dust of our choices
Despair, the next chapter in our history

As only pale brightness falls through
We are forced to operate
Try to stop
The shadows engulfing

And not crush all hope of what is left
To escape everlasting darkness
Will mankind survive this obscurity?

Harry Maat

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