Vademecum Is Burning

Infamia - Insidius

Insidius: Infamia - Death metal album
Insidius Vademecum Is Burning

Vademecum is burning

Let me taste one more sin
Let me witness one more fall
Let the conquered ones speak no more
Let the void spill in my eyes
Fornicate the ways and laws
No remorse in consciousness
Abyss is the ear I confess to
Let the dreams
Go to graves
Let their wings
Fall in decay
Let the night guide the rotten way
Enter harm and numbing pain
Let them come
Let them reign
As the ember spawns
In my hand
I play with fire
Burning my vademecum
Wy dark desires
Waiting dor the dusk to born
The sickness preveiled
As the night has left
Making the way
For the dismal


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