House of Trust

Shadows of Humanity - Insidius

Insidius: Shadows of Humanity (death metal album)
Insidius House of Trust

House of Trust

Brought as a young servant
Into the House Of Trust
Left in faith by his parents
To shape a future man
The eyes of the leader
Glance over the future victim

Erotic sins slowly rise
Deceit begins one step at a time
Week in and week out
The child’s perception molded
Touches though of as normal
More intimate every time

Until time has come
He prays with his prey
But after ceremonial service
Hands glide, his lust commands
A young child’s immaculate soul
Forever wept away

Where innocence is shamed
And a life now already broken
His wings clipped forever
A future destroyed in full
As time catches up with the past
With an institution in denial

A feeble attempt
To protect the betrayer
The victims no longer silent
Confronted with the revelations
Of what once was
The House Of Trust

Harry Maat

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