Slow Death

Shadows of Humanity - Insidius

Insidius: Shadows of Humanity (death metal album)
Insidius Slow Death

Slow Death

The Hunt has begun, you better run!
Hordes have been unleashed
Hunting until all are deceased
No mercy, eyes are without empathy
No intervention, only slow death as their intention.

When entangled your pain is their reward
Body parts shared by the evil horde
Weaponry made for the ultimate torture
Lead by the ultimate demon, the supreme scorcher!
Hymns of the dark choir, invoking your trial by fire

No rest for their wicked ways
Hunting feeble humanity for the rest of its days
Who is guilty, who opened the abyss
Are mankind’s sins the result of this
All hope is faded, it does not matter anymore

You are next! The subsequent life in decay
As you are about to take your very last breath
All that remains, fed to the boars
See your loved ones wither away
At the heart of the swarm, objectives reached, a slow death!!

Harry Maat

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