The Uprising

Shadows of Humanity - Insidius

Insidius: Shadows of Humanity (death metal album)
Insidius The Uprising

The Uprising

Soulless bodies
Devoid of scream
Grope among the dimensions of self
Thundering laughter
Festering pain irony of truth

A dying hand falls down losing strength
Gort’s lust murder strives at power
By shedding blood
And clutter of stabbed hearts
Broken shackles of joy

Reclaiming the will to fight
Again the fall became dominant
The twilight possessed servant souls
Torture sparkling with night
But our force lies deep in our forefathers wisdom

Here memories over thoughts take control
And those will arise whose life was taken
To restore happiness to Orn
And devastated Ceres will lay down
To sleep for next millennia
Launching another plans of destruction

Mateusz Turowski

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